Laundry Care Symbols
Sourced from Whirlpool
How to wash
Do not wash symbol
Do not wash
Hand wash symbol
Hand wash
Machine wash symbol
Machine wash
Machine wash: permanent press symbol
Machine wash: permanent press
Machine wash: gentle/delicate symbol
Machine wash: gentle/delicate
Water temperature
Cold (30°C) symbol
Cold (30°C)
Warm (40°C) symbol
Warm (40°C)
Hot (50°C) symbol
Hot (50°C)
Very hot (60°C) symbol
Very hot (60°C)
Sanitize (70) symbol
Sanitize (70)
Bleach usage
OK to bleach symbol
OK to bleach
Do not bleach symbol
Do not bleach
Non-chlorine bleach only symbol
Non-chlorine bleach only
Air drying
Drip dry symbol
Drip dry
Dry in the shade symbol
Dry in the shade
Hang dry symbol
Hang dry
Dry flat symbol
Dry flat
Basic dryer cycles
Tumble dry symbol
Tumble dry
Do not tumble dry symbol
Do not tumble dry
No heat dry symbol
No heat dry
Normal cycle: Low heat symbol
Normal cycle: Low heat
Normal cycle: Medium heat symbol
Normal cycle: Medium heat
Normal cycle: High heat symbol
Normal cycle: High heat
Permanent press
Permanent press: No heat symbol
Permanent press: No heat
Permanent press: Low heat symbol
Permanent press: Low heat
Permanent press: Medium heat symbol
Permanent press: Medium heat
Gentle/delicate: No heat symbol
Gentle/delicate: No heat
Gentle/delicate: Low heat symbol
Gentle/delicate: Low heat
Gentle/delicate: Medium heat symbol
Gentle/delicate: Medium heat
Cool iron (110°C) symbol
Cool iron (110°C)
Warm iron (150°C) symbol
Warm iron (150°C)
Hot iron (200°C) symbol
Hot iron (200°C)
Do not use steam symbol
Do not use steam
Do not iron symbol
Do not iron
Dry cleaning
Dry clean symbol
Dry clean
Do not dry clean symbol
Do not dry clean
Dry clean: any solvent symbol
Dry clean: any solvent
Dry clean: any solvent except trichloroethylene symbol
Dry clean: any solvent except trichloroethylene
Dry clean: petroleum solvents only symbol
Dry clean: petroleum solvents only