hi there!

My name is Sylvie 🌸, and I program stuff! I'm a chaotic, high-energy trans 🏳️‍⚧️ developer and psychonaut 🍄 from Canada suffering enjoying ADHD, autism, and a chronic illness.

open source. open mind.

I am a strong supporter of open-source work. Most of my projects are released under the ISC license to allow easy collaboration.

I also love to explore the labyrinth of consciousness itself 🥴. I'll expand on this further in a future update to this site ;)

what i'm working on

These days, most of my development focus is on web: typically TypeScript-based using my custom SSG framework and hosted using Cloudflare Pages. Most of my recent projects have been written using Hono, a serverless web framework.

what's in store next

This year (2023) has been uhhh... a fkcng whirlwind. Primarily I'm working on myself, something that's been long overdue.

On top of that, more experimenting with serverless web projects. Beyond that, more adventures through the depths of the mind, hehe~.

That's all I've got for now. Thanks for stopping by! ✨

~ Sylvie